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We´ve got really excellent biflex fabrics of great quality elastic in two directions.
They are a bit denser than popular fabrics of the sections Ready to wear competition posing suits and Microposer suits


We offer tailor-made swimming and posing suits made from the fabrics of these new collections at a very attractive price.


There are two main varieties - single-tone & holographic and metallic:

"Classic" collection
aquamarine spandex on emerald spandex on saphire spandex on coral silver rain spandex on Plum spandex on
lilac spandex on sparkling gold spandex on sparkling emerald spandex on sparkling nude spandex on sparkling violet spandex on
azure spandex on golden spandex on apricot spandex on night rain spandex on sparkling white spandex on
carmine spandex on black with silver theadread spandex on harlequine spandex on purple sparkling spandex on magenta spandex on
"Single-tone Spandex" collection
coffee spandex on green spandex on navy blue spandex on fuscia spandex on yellow spandex on
lavender spandex on orange spandex on gray spandex on light cyan spandex on purple spandex on
red spandex on milk spandex on lawn green spandex on pink spandex on black spandex on
wine red spandex on
"Single-Tone Metallics" collection
Green metallic spandex on Gold metallic spandex on Blue metallic spandex on Rose red metallic spandex on Purple metallic spandex on
Red metallic spandex on Pink metallic spandex on Black metallic spandex on Dark gold metallic spandex on Grass green shiny metallic spandex on
"Modern. Holographics" collection

When choosing holographic fabrics of the Modern collection, please indicate the fabric according to the number on the photo

"Modern. Single-tones" collection

When choosing single-tone fabrics of the Modern collection, please indicate the fabric according to the name on the photo


Posing suits can have following styles from the front Classic и Micro, and Microposer suits - Poser и Torpedo


You can also choose the
back side style


You can choose the width of the side stripe as well ranging from 1.4 to 3 cm


All suits go without front lining


Size chart


Prices in roubles (Micro, Classic, Poser, Torpedo). Holographics and Metallics

Prices in roubles (Micro, Classic, Poser, Torpedo). Single-tone Spandexes


Examples /click to show/


Inquiries regarding fabrics availability and terms of service:

Please indicate your waist size in centimeters for an unmistakable order.

Please note that each copy is tailored individually, and it usually takes about a month between order and dispatch

We are located in St Petersburg RUSSIA